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Want to be an exceptional leader?

Our 360 Feedback Tool can gather information to help you!

45-second segment from the Exceptional Leader 360 Feedback Tool video debrief on “Personal blind spots and why we need 360s to discover them”

“The best and most accurate assessment of self-awareness is a 360 evaluation—focus on the gap between how you see yourself and how others rate you.” Daniel Goleman

“The only way to discover your strengths and weaknesses is through feedback analysis.” Peter Drucker

For centuries, hardworking and self-aware leaders have recognized there is a map which leads to exceptional leadership. From extensive cross-cultural research, Carl Jung, Toni Wolff, Robert Moore and others sketched out a four-quadrant map:

  • Achieving (“Get It Done”)  
  • Strategizing (“Planning Has Its Place”)
  • Relating (“We’re in This Together)
  • Inspiring & Tending (“I Have a Dream” & “Find the Good and Praise It”)

The Exceptional Leader 360 Feedback Tool is a confidential evaluation which quickly measures both strengths and areas for development in each quadrant by gathering anonymous feedback from others and comparing this to a participant’s self-assessment.

After completing the evaluation, participants receive their personalized report along with the Self-Guided Debrief/Video, which offers specific suggestions and self-reflection exercises to improve leadership behaviors and address blind spots.

An optional phone coaching session and re-evaluation after 6 months allows quantifiable changes in leadership behaviors to be tracked.

In group assessment, the participants receive a team aggregate showing the average scores for the group (without showing names) and have the option of a group debrief.

Research shows that of the only 20% of executives who complete 360s almost all report improvement in their leadership behaviors, noting that, “What gets measured gets worked on.”

Exceptional Leader 360 Feedback Tool is very economical (Self-Guided Debrief/Video is included in the $100 price) and implements these well-regarded 360 best practices:

  • Simplicity: 20 questions measuring competency and character behaviors
  • Confidentiality: anonymous feedback invites candid responses
  • Open text question (question #21): “Please name one thing I can do to be a better leader”
  • Self-Guided Debrief/Video with worksheet to create a behavior-based personal development plan
  • Optional phone debrief
  • Team Aggregate Report
  • Optional group debrief
  • Re-evaluation available after 6 months
  • Easy-to-follow leadership model
  • Contracted provider to ensure confidentiality (not through HR Department)

1-minute segment from Exceptional Leader 360 Feedback Tool video debrief: “Find the Good and Praise It”—the power of positive feedback.