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Free Mindful Meditation Music and Videos

Bass Flute CD – Free Download

“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace—only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.” – Anne Lamott
Norm Smookler’s 11th CD was recorded in the 2 million gallon water cistern in Fort Worden, Washington. The 45-second sound reverberation provides fertile ground for Grace Notes.

Bass Flute, Alto Flute, C-Flute, 3 Cedar Flutes, Eagle Feather Flute, Voice,
Chinese Wind Gong, Irish Drum, Rattle, Tibetan Chimes
Free Download:

Cedar Flute/Percussive Alto Flute/Humpback Whale Sounds –  1 Minute – Summer 2021

Bass Flute/Orca Whale– 1 Minute – Spring 2021

Grace Notes Meditation 1 – 9 Minute
Grace Notes Meditation 2 – 8 Minute
Grace Notes Meditation 3 – 9 Minute
Grace Notes Meditation 4 – 11 Minute

Original Soundtracks
Reflections – 22 minute Documentary with Robert Bateman
Sacred Spaces – 30 minute Documentary


Mindful Music Minute (September 2019)

Sound Meditation in the Great Pyramid of Egypt – 2 minutes

Polar Bear Suite – 2 minutes
Polar Bear Suite Two—2 minutes
Lava Octet—1 minute
Rock Star Pele – 2 minutes
Mindful Music Meditation—1 minute
Mindful Flute Journey—2 minutes
Sound Attunement – 4 minutes
Summer – 4 minutes