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Mediation and Conciliation

Norm has been a Certified Comprehensive Mediator for 20 years. He has been teaching conflict de-escalation and Interest Based Negotiation for 15 years.

Mediation and conciliation are methods of dispute resolution in which the parties cooperate, with the assistance of a Mediator, in reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement. They are private, flexible and informal. Mediation and conciliation are effective and have an 80% settlement rate, and both are much less expensive than litigation. Conciliation often occurs without the parties needing to be in the same room together, as the Mediator may communicate separately with each party via phone.

The Mediator’s role includes:

  • Meeting with the parties and helping them define the issues of dispute
  • Managing the process and keeping discussions on track
  • Helping the parties communicate their views and needs clearly
  • Assisting the parties to reach an agreement