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Facilitation is a process which helps a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them in planning to achieve them. Without taking a particular position in the discussion, the Facilitator works with the group to achieve consensus, which offers a strong basis for future action. Norm has been facilitating small and large groups for over 25 years, including for the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Facilitation Steps

Prior to meeting:

    • Research the meeting
    • Determine the purpose/goal of the meeting
    • Establish who needs to attend
    • Draft agenda and design effective/relevant group processes
    • Share agenda with potential attendees, modifying as necessary
    • Ensure attendees are fully briefed for the meeting, including knowing the purpose and potential consequences of the meeting

During meeting:

    • Create and maintain a safe environment
    • Monitor the agenda
    • Keep time
    • Manage group processes
    • Encourage participation from all attendees
    • Help participants understand different points of view
    • Foster solutions that incorporate diverse points of view
    • Manage participant behavior
    • Teach new thinking skills and facilitate structured thinking activities
    • Record agreements
    • Note unresolved issues for later consideration

Following meeting:

  • Write up and share the results of the meeting and determine next steps.