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Creating a Feedback-Rich & Respectful Workplace

Free 45-minute Self-Guided Workbook (English, French, Spanish, Arabic)

“Every advance, every achievement has been connected with an advance in Self Awareness” Carl Jung

Evidence-based research confirms that a “feedback-rich culture is the root system for all organizational growth.” Improving and simplifying a workplace’s feedback system increases respect, trust, engagement, psychological safety, and productivity.
This free 45-minute self-guided workbook focuses on making feedback easier, as well as developing greater self-awareness to identify the small steps leading to personal behavior change once feedback is received. “Evolution, not revolution.” It includes 12 exercises designed to reinforce best-practice leadership and character based competencies, offering learners opportunities for self-reflection and personal/professional growth.
  • Rate Your Active Listening
  • Personal Values
  • Workplace Needs
  • Four Active Listening Steps
  • Rate Your Assertion
  • Practicing DES
  • ”Difficult Person” Worksheet
  • Apologizing
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Leadership Self Assessment
  • Resilience: Work/Home Balance

Workbook Versions:

English pdf

French pdf

Spanish pdf

Arabic pdf